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keywords: dogs for adoption, rescued pets, cats for adoption, dogs for sale, cats for sale, stray kittens, stray dogs, animal shelter, puppies for sale, kittens for sale, pets lost and found
description: provides the largest Malaysian listing of dogs and cats for adoption and sale, assisting rescued pets in seeking shelter and fosterers. Puppies, kittens, rabbits, hamsters, turtles, birds and fishes for sale and adoption too.
og:title: - Cute Dogs & Cats For Adoption
og:description: Check out Malaysia's most adorable pets for adoption! Save homeless animals now by adopting and giving them a loving family. Rabbits, hamsters, birds and other pets available too.
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      Dogs & Cats for Adoption and Sale in Malaysia. Adopt Cute Puppies & Kittens or Foster Rescued Animals -
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          News & Updates
                  [2019-10-14] Marmalade For Adoption — Cyberjaya
      Marma lade is a playful boy that craves for love and attention. He was all skin and bones when rescued, now transformed into a handsome and healthy boy.
      His cute bro Oreo is up for adoption too:
      https://PetFinder.m y/pets/96092  [view] 
                      [2019-10-14] It took these cyclists a herculean effort to rescue this deer from flooded ruins. ❤️  [view] 
                      [2019-10-13] This loyal parrot is his mom's lifetime companion.  [view] 
                      [2019-10-13] Nugget For Adoption — Ampang
      https://PetFinder .my/pets/96028
      This cute ducky makes great company, and loves playing and swimming around. Rescuer is worried that her parents are going to cook Nugget (as they have done to her chickens).
      Can you offer a loving home for Nugget to to run, swim and pl..  [view] 
                      [2019-10-13] Thank you Maybank for encouraging meat-free lifestyle to improve health, environment and animal welfare!
      Our delicious deals are featured to over 15,000 Maybank staff in the Klang Valley, in an on-going effort to promote employee wellness and environment sustainability.
      Well done, and ..  [view] 
                      [2019-10-13] Cute, tiny piglet that was very fortunately rescued!  [view] 
                      [2019-10-12] These dogs are the kids' guardian angels ❤️  [view] 
                      [2019-10-12] It's Brave Heart's favorite time of day! 🐐🎶💞  [view] 
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              Lost & Found
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                  Lost in Wilayah PersekutuanShih Tzu, 11 Yrs            
                  Found in Bandar SunwayFound The Owner!, 10 Yrs        
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          There are 8,641 homeless doggies here.Let's find a home for them now!
              Dino Boy
              Male, 4 Mths, Mixed BreedSelangor, by kbean
              Handsome  boy looking for a forever home.. if u are interested  to  adopt  pls contact Rachel 
              Pumba Ohana
              Female, 8 Yrs, Miniature PinscherSelangor, by potato1
              Smart, sharp and well behaved. 1 eye cataract and blind but you will be amazed at how she makes her way around the house perfectly well. Enjoys following people around the house, a close companion.
              Portuguese Podengo (Small Breed)
              Female, 2 Yrs, Podengo Portugueso MixKuala Lumpur, by Siewli2299
              The Portuguese Podengo is hound (sight and scent) breed from Portugal. As a breed, the Podengo is divided into three size categories that are not interbred: small (Pequeno), medium (Médio) and large (Grande). Their coats are eith..
              Mavis Mummy Bear
              Female, 6 Yrs, Mixed BreedKuala Lumpur, by AdriannaAstle
              Mavis is a sweet dog who has only known the streets throughout her six years.  She has had three litters of puppies and we fostered the last eight.  They have all found homes, so it is now Mavis' turn.  She has beaten a cancer tum..
              Female, 5 Mths, Mixed BreedKuala Lumpur, by janelleschmidt
              This is Cassie. She is 1 of 4 siblings rescued from bad conditions on the street. I am fostering her and her 3 sisters are with other. She's super sweet, quiet, a bit shy, toilet trained and gets along great with my 2 cats and dog..
              Female, 7 Mths, Mixed Breed MixSelangor, by Jennifer3984
              Hello everypawdy!! I am Luna aka Ms.Floopy, 7mths old female puppy with Stumped tails.. Me and my sister were lost and were walking aimlessly and Our rescuers spotted us near a temple at USJ, Subang. Suspecting that we were dumped..
              Female, 1 Mth, Labrador RetrieverSelangor, by kezi
              I found Kareena on a beautiful rainy afternoon near an industrial area. She is vivacious and a beautiful girl. She loves playing with her sister and evening walk. Kareena hates being chained or caged. In the night, it loves to sle..
              Alan (Large)
              Male, 3 Yrs, German Shepherd Dog MixKuala Lumpur, by Siewli2299
              He is a gentle giant . He is good with human of all ages. He is good with dogs too. He isn't much a guard dog material but definitely a great companion. .
              Lovely Girl
              Female, 1 Mth, Mixed BreedSelangor, by JocelynNg
              Lovely Girl is looking for a responsible owner. If you are one then please call or whatsapp 0163617301. Dogs are for life. They are not trash that can be dumped.
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          There are 6,886 neglected kitties here.Shall we give them a loving family?
              Female, 4 Mths, Domestic Medium HairSelangor, by crystalruby763
              This little is looking for a forever home.  Please contact if you are interested in adopting.    WhatsApp: 012-2554271 Siew Lee
              Male, 10 Mths, Domestic Short HairSelangor, by teddseven
              Marmalade is the other sibling of Oreo. He came when I caught Oreo. He was all skin and bones and starving for food and attention. He is rather an attention hoarder. Marmalade craves for love and attention and loves to play. 
              Female, 4 Mths, Domestic Short HairSelangor, by teddseven
              Pico was thrown in a box in front my friend's house. She was still a little wee baby kitten and had to be hand fed. After a few months, she has grown to be a bouncy little kitty. She is very playful and like to greet you by bounci..
              Male, 1 Mth, Domestic Medium HairPulau Pinang, by SaveOurStray
              This kitten's profile is posted by SOS on behalf of the rescuer of this kitten.  SOS helps to connect people who have rescued animals to people who want to adopt animals.
              Female, 1 Yr, Domestic Short HairKuala Lumpur, by Maymom
              I was found near desapark city I protected she almost 10mom I want with she she very friendly and cute but my work many businesses trip Now i stay alone so i can't take any more So much worry she And i want find really good owner ..
              Princess Momo
              Female, 4 Yrs, Domestic Long HairPerak, by FairuzFair
              Momo was a stray cat rescued by my friend/tenant and they had to go back to their home country last year and couldnt take her with them.  She is very affectionate, and her motherly instinct is strong (she had been pregnant a coupl..
              Moon, Rocks & Luna
              Mixed Gender, 6 Mths, Domestic Medium HairKuala Lumpur, by eunwin
              We rescued 3 little kittens (two male ginger & one female tortoise shell) from the lake park in Ampang Hilir in July as were informed their mother had been killed. They were incredibly helpless but we have cared for them over the ..
              Female, 8 Mths, Domestic Short Hair MixSelangor, by MssSally
              This cat is female , unknown years old , pregnant but unknown babies , not sure if vaccinnated or dewormed , abandoned by her previous owner . Please bring her a warm home .
              Female, 1 Yr, Domestic Medium HairSelangor, by Achan
              this stray kitten always come to my house, it is a female, think around 6 to 8 months old (not sure), she is very adorable and healthy but we can't keep her permanently, please adopt her and give her a sweet lovely permenant home...
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      Is he still available for adoption? Felivy, on Tiger
      Hi... can u show the dog's picture? Felivy, on Obe
      Hi... is the dog still available for ado.. Felivy, on Sweet Siblings
      So adorable. Has he found his forever ho.. Pipsadz90, on Boboy
      hi.... is this puppy still available?pls .. UmaDeviRajendran, on 7 Puppies For Adoption!!
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      Hi. Has he found his forever home? Pipsadz90, on PF96133
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      i'd love to take her if there are no ado.. ConfusedYouth, on Portuguese Podengo (Small Breed)
      Hi.. still available this kitten.. Usaman86, on PF96053
      Hi... still available this kitten.. Usaman86, on Dusty Bun
      Hi, is she still available? amaliaputri, on Shih Tzu But My Name Is Babby 
      Hi, is he still available? amaliaputri, on Spike
      Can I know she is still available and sh.. Suefiee, on Loura
      Pls contact me via WhatsApp  elizaaries, on Jack
      Hi is it still available
       elizaaries, on Jack
      Can I pm you?  AhZau, on Silver01
      Hi, is the dog still available for adopt.. sanlysam, on Puppy
      can ws me at PetLover93, on Oliver
      Hi, I would like to adopt one rabbit. Is.. jamesrac, on Four Bunny
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